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    Saturday, May 5, 2018   /   by Ken Rosengren

    40 Ideas for a Totally Portland Summer

    I have a great 11-year-old daughter (Emily) and my wife (Susan) and I are always looking for fun local things to do, “When in Rome you do what the Romans DO” RIGHT…………  SO, I was doing a search today and saw this, 40 Ideas for a Totally Portland Summer from PDXParent.com (by the way Thank you PDXParent.com for doing this). 

    So, I was looking at this and I have a few things I think Emily and Susan would love to do.

     Scavenger Hunt at a local Farmers Market, this would be great because we have so many farmers markets in the Portland OR and SW Washington area and more popping up all the time…. I love this because we can point out 1 or 2 items we each would likeand then go find them.
    On a hot day go to a Splash Pad!! Ohh My Gosh, we have not done this since the one in Atlanta
    Volunteer something our family does in different ways however, we have not done it as a family together,  I think this would be great, we ...

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